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Caceres. Grupo amigos reuniones, Senderismo bailar deportes, tertulia viajes barbacoas

Caceres. Grupo amigos reuniones, Senderismo bailar deportes, tertulia viajes barbacoas Queremos formar un grupo para hacer amistades. Las a...


> El EuroSIMA Cluster realizó durante el pasado mes Agosto y Septiembre del 2008 (en colaboración con la agencia ARCANE Institut) un estudio de ...

Noticia de Consumer: "Deportes extremos online"

Lo siguiente que voy a escribir, tiene que ver con una noticia sobre deportes extremos que encontré en la página de Eroski, dentro del reportaje in...

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Regular chocolate eaters ‘tend to be thinner’

There are medical claims that people who eat chocolate regularly tend to be thinner. Scientists believe that despite the high number of calories it may favour weight loss rather than putting on fat. The findings are based on a study of over 1,000 adults in Califo...


Anger grows over US soldier’s shooting spree

There is growing anger among villagers near a US military base in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province after an American soldier went on a shooting spree killing at least 16 civilians including nine children. The gunman reportedly entered three houses killing 11 ...


Spanish protesters scuffle with police

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Leonardo’s last masterpiece unveils its secrets

Leonardo Da Vinci’s recently-restored last painting The Virgin And Child With Saint Anne and a twin version of the Mona Lisa are on display as part of a new exhibtion at the Louvre in Paris. More about: Exhibition, Leonardo da Vinci, Paris Apun ka bollywood...


Mali’s new leaders call for dialogue with rebels

Mali’s new military leader has called on Tuareg rebels advancing in the north of the country to halt their campaign for independence and to hold talks. Captain Amadou Sanogo who, with fellow army officers, ousted Mali’s president last week in a surprise...


Karzai under fire for killings by US soldier in Afghanistan

Anger at the killing of 16 civilians by an American soldier was also directed at Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Tuesday, after his two brothers were attacked as they visited the site of the massacre. The pair were shot at as they met with local people at a mosqu...


Syrian TV accuses Saudi Arabia over Damascus blasts

Analysts on Syrian state TV have accused Saudi Arabia and Qatar of bearing responsibility for Saturday’s attacks in Damascus, which left 27 dead and injured 140. The car bombs targeted police and intelligence centres. Saudi Arabia, which has strongly critic...


German cars lead eurozone export drive

The eurozone halved its trade deficit with the rest of the world in January, thanks largely to a surge in exports of German cars and machinery. It is a sign that international demand is the best chance for the 17 euro countries to climb out of their economic slump....


French breast implant businessman jailed

The Frenchman who aroused a global health scare over the sale of breast implants was jailed on Monday for not paying his bail. Jean-Claude Mas was subject to a 100,000 euro bond and charged with causing “involuntary injuries” in relation to his company&...


Senegal’s Sall continues pursuit of stability

Macky Sall shot to his present political height of Senegal’s president-elect in a space of 12 years, building on experience. He is originally a geological engineer. He was named minister of mining and energy 11 years ago, then interior minister, and prime minis...


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