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Alevi in Germany protest against Turkey’s Erdogan

Up to 25,000 people gathered in Bochum in West Germany to protest against an award meant to be given to Turkish prime minister Recep Tayipp Erdogan...

Clashes as Spanish unions protest further austerity

Spain counted the cost of nationwide protests against the government’s planned austerity measures on Thursday. Demonstrators clashed with po...

George Clooney arrested in Sudan embassy protest

George Clooney has been led away in handcuffs and it is nothing to do with his latest starring role. The Hollywood icon was arrested in Washingto...

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Soldier-Denouncing Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Elizabeth Edwards Funeral

The Kansas-based church that has made headlines for its controversial picketing of military funerals says it plans to picket Elizabeth Edwards' funeral on Saturday in Raleigh, N.C. The Westboro Baptist Church released a statement on its website accusing Edwards of...


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